Zac Witha

Zac Witha

Zac Witha

Account Executive

Zac joined Insure 247 in 2016, he quickly established himself as a high achiever with a strong customer service focus.

Zac has consistently achieved a number of awards


Learn More About Zac

What I do ………..

I am working in insurance providing client services.

What I wanted to be when I grew up……..

I wanted to be a firefighter

If I was an animal I’d be a……..

If I was an animal I would be an eagle.

I eat…….

I like eating spicy foods.

I would prefer to be….

Be helping the unfortunate in third world countries

I dance to….

Anything and everything

If I was a cocktail I’d by a……

I would be a white Russian

My favorite team is…….

Good ol’ mighty Gold Coast Titans.

Local Contact Numbers
NSW 02 9779 1126
VIC 03 8080 6718
QLD 07 3041 1717
Gold Coast 07 5631 6000
WA & SA 08 6311 4071

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