Insure 247 has been named in the Top 10 Insurance Brokers in Australia, by Insurance Business Magazine.

The Insurance Business Top 10 Brokerages ranking is an objective means of ranking the top-performing brokerages in the country across eight business-critical criteria,

• Total revenue

• Policies written

• Revenue per broker

• Policies per broker

• New clients per broker

• New revenue per broker

• Company growth

• Client retention


Insure 247 ranked 2nd for new clients per broker and new revenue per broker, and came in 3rd for policies per broker and company growth.

CEO Steve Sloan said in reaction to making the Top 10 Brokerages list in 2014

“The Insure 247 team are excited to make the Top 10 Brokerages list. Insure 247 Australia started in September 2012. We knew what we are doing here is unique, but to understand where we fit in the industry is a great motivator”


“Starting day 1 without a single customer, we decided that our growth should come through the internet, not a book purchase, this has been validated by the growth in our client list”



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Overall rank Brokerage

  1. Mega Capital Pty Ltd
  2. Reliance Group
  3. MGA Insurance Brokers
  4. Westcourt General Insurance Brokers
  5. Scott Winton Insurance Brokers Insure 247
  6. McLardy McShane Insurance and Financial Services
  7. Allinsure – IAA
  8. IC Frith & Associates (WA)
  9. Elliott Australia Group Pty Ltd

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