Claims Service

When the Incident Occurs

Step 1

  • Contact our local numbers:  NSW & ACT 02 9779 1126 VIC 03 8080 6718 QLD 07 3041 1717 Gold Coast 07 5631 6000 NT, SA & WA 08 6311 4071
  • Email:
Our team will help you through the process, get your policy numbers, find your insurers and check to see if you  have all the information required this may include supporting documents
  1. Photos of damage

  2. Quotes for repair

  3. Proof of purchase

  4. Statement of claim from other parties

Step 2 – We will advise the insurer

We know how to speak insurance, we will let the insurer know about your claim and  provide the details

Step 3 – Insurer Request for more information

The insurer may request more supporting documents. We will advise you as soon as we hear from the insurer

Step 4 – Claims are processed by insurer

Each insurer  may have a different claim processing time, the current average for a commercial insurance claim is 73 days

Step 5 – Claim Resolved

The insurer may settle with you directly or your supplier. They may also get you to sign a legal release