Cancellation & Policy Amendments

All Policies are Subject to a cooling off period of 14 days, this is a 12-month policy

If your contract is canceled or amended before the expiry of the period of Insurance, You will be paid the return premium received from the Insurer. Insure 247 will retain all our commission, fees, and other remuneration in full in the event of any midterm cancellation of your contract of Insurance or future downward adjustment of the premium. We may charge an additional fee for processing your request to cancel or amend your contract of insurance & you agree that this fee may be offset against any premium refund you are entitled to.

Canceling Your Funded Insurance Policy

Funding clients

If you chose to pay your premium using a commercial loan, the finance company pays your total annual premium and you will make installment payments for the next 12 months.

This is a 12-month contract.

If your policy is canceled during the insured period any refunds paid from the insurer will be paid to the finance company less our fee for service and you will be responsible for any shortfall owed to them.

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Why do we charge a broker fee?

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