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Ausure is one of Australia’s largest insurance broking and financial planning and advice companies with more than 330 Authorised Representatives all over Australia. We pride ourselves on good old-fashioned “service” that is local to your business and personal in its approach.

About Ausure

Ausure began back in 1996, with founding offices in NSW, Victoria and the ACT. Since then, the business has grown to become one of Australia’s largest and most widely respected financial services companies. Troy Brown, the Managing Director works alongside a strong management team to run the business we see today, a business with robust systems, and a great pride in our professional approach.

Despite its size, Ausure remains a family business in culture and approach, appreciating that our people are a fundamental part of everything the business does for its clients. But the scale of the business brings plenty of benefits, for both clients and staff. At the size it is now, Ausure has the strength to attract insurer company/agency agreements with competitive rates, and to negotiate terms that are advantageous to our clients. Insurers will consider our clients needs and challenges and consider ways to meet them with products and terms that suit, even in the most complex of industries.

Ausure prides itself on its highly professional service to clients. We take pride in treating every client with efficiency and integrity, ensuring every adviser is highly skilled in both insurance products and the personal and commercial needs of farm and business owners. Most of our Ausure advisers are fastidious believers in good old-fashioned “service”, personalised to their clients and local in their approach. When you deal with an Ausure Adviser, you are usually dealing with a person local to your business, who you can meet with in person and directly contact very quickly. There are no call centres or impersonal behaviour in our business. It is all about service and care for our clients.

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